The values of our collaboration are based on listening to your needs, transparency and the search for the best services for our members. Together we are better and move forward!

Notre vision

Support the members of the cluster in their innovation approach in sustainable construction and energy efficiency by offering:

  • Networking opportunities and meetings at events
  • A monitoring of information and technology in the energy and building sector
  • Support for project development between the entrepreneurs and the researcher community


The cluster’s mission is to help its members meet the future challenges of renovation and sustainable construction, especially through value creation and innovation in all its forms.

To this end, we are working to:

  • Further business innovation by bringing together the entrepreneurial and academic worlds
  • Further exchange and collaboration among members through networking and business opportunities
  • Encourage the creation and development of innovative competitive or collaborative projects by helping to find partners, set up the project or fundraising (Innosuisse, SFOE, NPR 2016-2019…)
  • Ensure a monitoring of the state of the art and a technological watch in the field of renovation and sustainable construction
  • Promote an in-service training offer adapted to the needs of members by acting as a bi-directional relay

Building Innovation Cluster
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