The cluster is an association in terms of Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Its members come from different fields of construction and energy : 

  • Property
  • Service
  • Seconde level building supply
  • General construction / general contractor
  • Different members (academic, associations, other clusters and other actors of the field)


The Building Innovation Cluster is composed of the general assembly, the Council, and potential working groups. The Cluster is managed by the Director, the Cluster Development Manager and the back-office.

The General Assembly is the highest organ of the cluster and is composed of all members, each of whom is entitled to one vote. The Board convenes it at least once a year.

The Council is composed of 5 to 11 members representative of the membership groups and is elected for 2 years.

It is responsible for initiating and leading the cluster’s activities, if necessary by forming working groups.

The Director ensures the daily management of the cluster and facilitates the implementation of activities, under the control of the committee.

Committee Members

Jean-Daniel Wicht

President – Director of Fédération Fribourgeoise des Entrepreneurs

Gilbert Clément

Director Energil Sàrl

Flavio Foradini

Vice President – Director E4Tech Software Sàrl

Martin Gonzenbach

Operational Director, EPFL-Fribourg

Philippe Perritaz

General Director, Sinef

Blaise Clerc

Director BIC


Werner Halter

Cluster development manager – Director Climate Services SA

Bertrand Raemy

Managing Director Gerama

Jean-Philippe Bacher

Professor HEIA-FR, Co-Manager Institute ENERGY

Eric Demierre

Director – CEO Edifiscience SA


Building Innovation Cluster
Passage du Cardinal 11
1700 Fribourg