Our services

In all four axis, the Building Innovation Cluster (BIC) aims to reinforce shared know-how and help companies overcome the challenges related to sustainable construction. BIC offers its members the services described below.

BIC prioritizes activities relating to the its strategic axis. Currently these are as follows:

  1. Sustainable Business models and financing models
  2. Ttansfromation and renovation
  3. Digitization in the construction sector

We focus our activities on these 3 axis so that we can optimize our usefulness in these areas. Other topics are also interesting in our field of activity, such as energy production, insulation technologies and construction materials, but we believe that by keeping a focus on our activities we will be able to provide more added value.

Setting up projects

The Cluster provides support to its members with its know-how and its network:

  • Support for theme definition and for identify possible sources of funding, if necessary, with the help of a Platinn coach
  • Organize workshops to clarify projects objectives and identify potential partners
  • Present projects in the design phase to all Cluster members
  • Assist in drafting requests for funding
  • Search for partners among Cluster members and connect with academic partners
  • Communicate projects information via the Newsletters  

Networking and communication

In addition to its own networking and communication activities, the Cluster can support its members in the following ways:

  • Organize meetings for networking and information purposes
  • Disseminate information among members
  • Improve companies visibility
  • Facilitate attendance at and participation in conferences and exhibitions
  • Organize visits to other companies and reference sites

These activities can be organized by BIC if they contribute to the development of the strategic axes. Partial support can be offered for projects that do not fall within these strategic axes, and all services can be provided within the framework of a mandate.


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